Monday, January 18, 2010


Tuesday, 19 January 2010 @ 2.08pm

Worthless people blame their karma. - Burmese Proverb

What right do you have dictating and deciding what karma is? Have you gone beyond your means to do something that you have a right to be proud of? Did you forget where you come from and who you were before you've become who you are today? Do you think that what you've done / been doing / still do is so holy and righteous? Have you gone above and beyond everyone else to have the right to think that a person deserves being kicked, punched, robbed and hit by a car?

It's sad that people forget who they are, or what others have done for them. It's sad when a person cannot go beyond themselves and their own pain to realise that there are other people around them. There is a fine line between hate and pity and I think you just crossed that line with me.

I played the impartial friend, the one who didn't want to take sides, the one who did her best to play the shoulder to cry on for both. I didn't want to listen to stories, and I never argued or participated when people questioned why I didn't pick a side. Because I thought you were worth it. And I thought you were going through a difficult time and needed a friend. Now I see you're just being spiteful for no good reason.

NO ONE deserves to be kicked in the back while they're walking to work. NO ONE deserves to be held while another person hits them. NO ONE deserves to be made a spectacle while being robbed. NO ONE deserves to be alone while they're filing a police report. NO ONE deserves to be hit by a car on the way to work. NO ONE deserves to have seven stitches in their lip. NO ONE deserves to only see through one eye. And NO ONE deserves to be laughed at and being blamed for their 'karma' when they are being prepped for surgery.

You forgot who was there when YOU were robbed. You forgot who put your pants on when YOU wouldn't stop bleeding from your face. You forgot who came rushing to YOUR side when you were bleeding and walking home with no one helping you. You forgot who who accompanied YOU to the police station.

I have never felt so much disappointment, anger, sadness and betrayal then when I read what I did. I just hope you remember this one day when YOUR karma comes and bites you in the ass. After all, you're the big believer in karma right?