Wednesday, September 24, 2008


While writing an article for a bank's newsletter, replying an SMS to a client and writing an email to my future employer, it hit me. Be your own manager. It's 10.30am. I've cleared three jobs while working on the fourth one, and have already prepared myself for another two that's coming in later today. At the same time, I've managed to check and reply my emails to my future employer while keeping in mind that I have to remind her about my payment for a job completed. At the same time, I was replying a client's SMS, answering my designer's queries and updating my facebook status. I came into the office at 8.30am, organised my money that needs to be paid and am planning to get them paid while everyone else runs off to lunch.

Then it hit me. Be your own manager. It just came to me, like an epiphany. What's making me do all this? Why am I such an anal freak of an organiser? Why do I need to make sure that everything gets done and is finished and paid for? Why should I even care and bother? I know if I don't, I won't be settled. I won't be able to concentrate and won't know what to do. I like a peace of mind and clearing it seems to be the only way to manage it. But it's never ending isn't it? This is just today. It all repeats itself tomorrow. I'm glad I'm made this way. I'm glad I'm obsessive and compulsive and may have a slight disorder ;) It gets things done. You should try it.

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