Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tuesday, 27 April 2010 @ 6.56pm

My gut instinct is telling me something fishy is going on here. It did from the first time I saw her and Z become friends on Facebook. I know their history and I know it's all innocent. But there were some comments made that made me start suspecting something. My feelings were not confirmed till I one fine day when I was in Z's account happily harvesting my crops in his farm. An instant message appears that reads something like this:

S: hi boifren. hehehhe

Me: (stunned and shaking with anger) hi

S: is the wife there? hahahaha

Me: no, this is the wife

S: oh, i'm sorry. are u angry? sorry.

Me: (typing furiously but keeping the 'tone' as calm as I could) why are you calling him 'boifren'?

S: oh its nothing. we were both schoolmates in primary, i was just playing. i'm sorry. it's nothing. really.

Me: S, you're a woman, so you should understand how I feel. If it were you who saw something like that, you would feel as angry as I do now.

S: there's really nothing. i'm really sorry. we're friends from a long time ago, blah blah blah

The next two minutes she spent apologising and I calmed down. And that's when I thought, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." I turned the conversation around, played it light till she even suggested we meet one day.

I trust Z. With all my heart. But at the end of the day, he's a man. A charming, flirtatious man. A woman could easily fall for his light and easy charm. Although it took him a while to win me over. And boy, did I enjoy playing with him back then. And no, he's not 100% innocent in all this. But that's another day's blog.

I soon discovered S is a divorcee with three children. Fine by me. In fact, if I got to know her a little better, I might even like her and want to do whatever I can to help her. But where the hell does she come off calling MY man 'boifren' (and I keep spelling it that way because it was that one misspelled word that shook my anger till my blood was boiling and my hands were shaking). I believe myself to be a feminist. I do not want to go against a fellow woman, but don't give me the ammo to shoot at you. And don't make yourself a simple target.

Nanti aku panggil ka perempuan jalang engkau mesti tak suka kan?

No matter how close you are to a guy friend, or how long you've known each other, pay a little respect to him and his fiancee, even if you don't know her.

Nanti aku marah kau cakap bukan2 kau berani nak cakap apa2 balik ke?

I don't believe in going around with other male friends and 'jokingly' call them pet names. Single or attached. Unless they're gay. Even then, I'd call him sister.

Cerminkan diri kau balik boleh tak perempuan? Dahlah janda, anak tiga, kau pergi ayat tunang aku bukan2. Jangan bagi aku panas.

See? And there's my ammo. And it's only because you make it so easy for me to shoot you. Watch yourself. If you had a man, I'd gladly do what you did. Then maybe you'd understand how I feel.


Azar Azman said...

o my. jalang gile. haih.

Ms Martha Moore said...

erm... updates!! :)


Ms Martha Moore said...

erm... updates!! :)


Taylor said...

hey waz up this is my first comment on some one elses blog!!!omg

anna r said...

hahah hey taylor! :)

DNN said...

ur story is similar with mine, I being hate Facebook... also I feel so bad wen they still contact each other ^*^ I wish ur love is last 4ever and mine too ^*^ Bless You :D

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