Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Present: I Am...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009 @ 3.30pm

I am loud and outspoken
I think it’s better to be truthful then to cover with lies, which just complicates everything.

I am strong and confident
It took me a few years but I think I gained a lot of strength going through all the hardships of living in Melbourne alone, having to travel alone, working for the first time, etc.

I am never short of friends
It started with working at Get Crafty. When I first moved back to KL, I was awfully shy. But working with children, you tend to lower your inhibitions and get louder as the days go by. I ended up making friends wherever I went instead :)

I am happy and content
Yes, I’m getting soppy. I met someone. I think I’m finally ok. And no, I’m not rushing things. If anything, I think I’m being too responsible.

I am too hard-working
Eddie and Falliq call me a workaholic. But I don’t feel that way. I just keep saying, ‘why spend money when you can make money?’

I am a dainty lady
I just realised that I am a lady. Not to the extent where I’m a ‘girly’ lady and want everything pink (I prefer lilac) but I now know that I am extremely feminine. People tend to ‘behave’ themselves whenever they’re around me or think I’m watching.

I am in love with shoes
Mary janes are my favourites. And one-inch heels are NOT heels.

I am diligent and may have a slight case of OCD
Enough said.

I am in love with Zaidi
My baby. Big belly. Huge smile. Loud laugh. Kindest heart. Thoughtful and caring. Responsible and hard-working (and he calls me a workaholic!). Funny. Smart. Tall :) And he picks me up when he hugs me.

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