Friday, February 20, 2009

Took Me Long Enough...

Friday, 20 February 2009 @ 6.12pm

It took me three months and three weeks to finally realise that I am a good AE. And that I’m good at my job. And you know what? I’m actually beginning to enjoy it.

I remember two days before my last day at Trix, Mr L called me to his room to have a ‘goodbye chat’. He started by asking which company I’ll be going to and whether I’ll be a copywriter. I told him the company name and said, “Actually, I’m going to be an AE.” He seemed almost happier that I said I’ll be an AE. Then he told me that I’ll be a good one. At that moment, I didn’t really think so…

Yesterday, I started the day by going to the very outskirts of Shah Alam to meet a client. (Oh yeah…I reached a little earlier so I managed to have a roti telur and Nescafe tarik. When I was about to leave, I tried to turn on the engine, but it died. So I panicked. But…that’s a whole other story…just thought I’d sneakily slip it in here. Don’t worry… there’s gonna be another entry for that story).

That meeting lasted till lunch time. Then I had lunch with my bosses and the copywriter. Then rushed all the way back to the heart of KL to get a briefing on an Annual Report by another client. Yesterday, my first step into the office was at 5.43pm. Even then, I still had two job briefs to issue, a production timeline to amend and another brochure (and the Art Director handling it) that needed my dire attention.

Yesterday, I remember I was emailing a prospective client when it hit me. I do enjoy being an AE. I do like what I’m doing. I am good at my job. I think I despised it so much at the beginning because of the rage and shame of being fired as a copywriter (thank God they commented on how ‘proper’ I was during the interview). But now…I’ve learnt and grown to like (not love…yet) what I’m doing. It’s not that bad after all.

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