Monday, November 17, 2008


Tuesday, 18 November 2008 @ 1.30pm

When I'm driving and I see someone waiting at the side of the road to cross the zebra walk, I'll stop and let them pass. And without any acknowledgement or thankfulness, they STRUT across the road. Yes I understand they've been given a right to cross at the pedestrian walk, but do they really have to take their own sweet time walking across the road?!? To top that off, they also give you that look. That look! Arggghh!!!

Now that I've started parking across the road from my new office (I can only afford to get the monthly pass for the parking in the building when I get my pay next month - it's RM300!!!! With deposit for first month la, but still!!), I've had to take what has come to be known as my suicidal attempts to cross this road twice a day.

For RM4 for the whole day, I get to leave Lily in the hot sun for the whole day. And for that price, I take my suicidal journey to cross the road. And mind you, there are TWO roads that needs to be crossed to reach the other side!

Here are some tips on how to cross "safely":

1. Don't cross alone. There's always about 25 other people waiting by the side of the road waiting for that perfect moment to run across with the hopes that they won't (1) get hit by a car/bus/lorry/motorbike (2) get called "bodoh" while crossing and (3) get their belongings stolen by some fucker on a bike.

2. Watch for blinking indicators. Your best bet to attempt crossing the road - and oh, by the way, there's no traffic light where I'm crossing but three lanes (on each side, which makes six altogether!) to worry about - is when you see a car signalling to drive into the lot where you car is parked. Opportunity! Take it and run!

3. Follow the leader. In the 25 people (including you) waiting by the road side, there will always be ONE person who will stand at the very end and he (or sometimes she - usually an older chinese lady) will take a step forward. That's our signal to be prepared to follow him. Besides, if anything happens, he gets hit first. Lessens the impact.

4. Watch for bikes. They really come out of nowhere! And they tend to purposely go a little faster when approaching you.

So till I get my pay (please let it be next week), I will be attempting suicide at about 8.50am every morning and 7pm every evening. By the way, did I forget to mention that this is in one of the busiest roads in the city? Pray for me people. Or you can always loan me RM300 ;P

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thats interesting....

the art of survival.....

way to go anna!