Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Test

Thursday, 27 November 2008 @ 7.55pm

I was once told that God will test you to your limit because he knows your strength. He will push you to that limit and it's up to you how you deal with it.

I think I'm going through a test. A test of patience, perseverance, will power and strength. If you've been a faithful reader of my blog, you'll notice that I've had a pretty shit couple of months (and a pretty busy one too). Yesterday, things were starting to change.

My superior and boss called me into the conference room for a 'chat'. I knew something was up. I sat down and my boss said, "Do you dread coming to work?" My heart stopped. Shit. They've been watching me and they see that yes, I do dread coming to this job. It's only been two weeks and I feel restricted. I feel like a high-paid despatch boy.

I told them the truth. I told them it's a change and I'm still adjusting. I told them that I feel like a high-paid despatch boy (in my exact words, "I feel like I'm just here to pass along work"). NOOO! That was my boss's reply. "I can see that there's so much more in there dying to come out. You can brainstorm with designers and you can put in your suggestions. Anna, you're the perfect person for this job because you're an ex-writer. You're the link between this company and our clients. We've placed you with G********* because we feel you're the one best suited for this job." She went on and on until I said, "'re saying that I can work here the way I did at Trix?" YEESSS!!! They immediately start launching into quick sentences:

N: "You can still be in control. You just won't be doing the physical writing."

V: "You're an extra pair of eyes, and you can help spot something if we miss out on anything."

N: "You can deal so well with clients."

V: "You know how to speak properly and interat with them. N, I've seen Mrs H and she loves Anna!"

And it went on and on. Then it hit me. Oh my god. I can actually do better. I can actually do more. I'm ALLOWED to do all these things! I didn't know that!!! AARRRGGHHH!!! I've wasted two weeks!

Today, I launched into full mode. It's been non-stop since my 10am meeting, then 3pm and 5pm discussions. Then taking on work for N while she's away. I'm doing good.

Comes 6.30pm. I'm thinking of leaving the office. Spend a little time with Eddie before I rush on out to Kostari. But... what did I tell you earlier? It's a test. It's all a test. When one thing goes well, another will surely go down.

Right now it's 8.10pm. I'm still in the office. And I'm about to go pick up A**** so we can do Kostari.

In my FB, my status says, Anna R**** misses Eddie :( I was hoping to replace it with something a little more cheerful today. Guess not.

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Ms Martha Moore said...

that bad huh sister?

sorry i ditched u on friday....