Thursday, November 20, 2008

A tribute

Friday, 21 November 2008 @ 9.45am

It's times like this that you see who you can really depend on. I have four people who are willing to back me up when I don't have the support and pull me back up when I'm falling. Genuine people are hard to come by and I'm more than lucky to have these four.

A**** - for meeting me at Bangsar that night. For listening to me. For not judging me. For not being a hypocrite. For always being there for me, even after all these years. For making me feel so relaxed that night that for the first time in weeks, I actually wanted to sleep.

F******* - for always calling me and asking me how I am. For handing me that **** when I saw her on Wednesday. For always offering me her home to stay. For always offering me an extra hand when I need help. For always trusting and believing in me.

A**** - for being a good sister, a good friend, a good listener. For always giving me a hug when you know I need it. For always calling me at the worst possible times but only because you know I needed that call to say you're there for me.

F***** - for allowing me to be my crazy, OCD self. For always asking how I'm doing. For always kacau-ing me through SMS. For always turning back to make sure I'm there if I'm one step behind. For being a great man and pillar of strength for my sister.

I don't know how else to say thank you at the moment. I have tried being a good friend to you in the short and long times that I have known each of you. I admit. I'm fragile at the moment. And in this last week, each and every one of you have shown me that I did not make a bad choice in choosing you to be my friend.

You all know that I don't like to be pushed. You all know that I just sometimes need silence. You all know that sometimes I need a hug. You all know that sometimes I just need a few words of encouragement And you all know when I need you.

Thank you.


Mr Wordless said...

these are a bunch of good people... heheheheheheh

anna r said...

you do know you're one of them right?

Ms Martha Moore said...

im sorry i cant offer more :(

mermara (this is the word verification down south.... hehehe)

anna r said...

ms moore... all that you give me is more than enough as it is.

what mermara? tak faham.