Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thursday, 12 March 2009 @ 2.11pm

I met with my insurance agent last night, and after having signed the necessary documents, we just took the time out to chit chat. Somewhere along the lines of the conversation, she mentioned that she called up the list of names I gave her for her to try and sell insurance to. I mentioned that some don't have a steady job yet. And she said, " of them is still studying right?"

I knew immediately who she was referring to. So I said, "yeah. And he wants to be an actor, so it's not steady income." And then she laughed! She giggled and said, "he wants to be an actor?" I was immediately offended on Frank's behalf, but to be polite just said, "yeah.. I know..."

That was when it hit me. People who choose to follow their passions are laughed at, smirked, sniggered and teased. All because it's not steady and secure. It seems foolish to follow a dream. These people don't always get the kind of support that they need from a lot of people. But if they really believe in it, they are determined enough to just go for it.

Yes, Frank is struggling a bit. It happens with any of us who are trying to follow a "silly" dream. But he makes do with what he has and he makes the best out of it. I just really hope that I have been there enough to give him the support he needs.

I can understand him better now. Why he is willing to volunteer some time in community theatre (and for those of you who haven't caught on... I used the word 'volunteer', meaning pay-less). No, it may not be the 'smart' move, but it's a decision he made and a decision that he's stuck with and believes will make him the somebody he wants to be someday.

I'm kind of in your shoes now, Frank. So if I haven't given you much support in the past, know that I will from here on out.


Ms Martha Moore said...


im happy that u r offended on his behalf....

and i really wish the best for him....


LeSScAkAp said...

if i were frank i would cry

and i bet he would say thank u very much for everything