Monday, October 6, 2008

Do something about it

How do you expect a solution if you don't even make an effort?
How do you expect peace and harmony when you're the cause of the havoc? How do you expect for others to accept you if you jump to your own conclusions?
How do you expect others to want to talk to you if you're unpleasant?
How do you expect a change if you don't even try to make a change?
Why does there always need to be self-pity?
Why does there always need to be an argument?

I hear you. I choose not to respond. I choose to enjoy my life and fill it with meaning. You only get one chance in this lifetime and you better make it a good one.

Life was sweet once. You get everything that you want. But guess what? Life changes. It's like a rollercoaster. When you're high, you're really high, and when you're going down, you go all the way. The only way to enjoy your life, and to have a sense of peace and harmony within yourself, is to choose to do something about it.

Life is a choice. Choose to do something about it. Choose to get better. Choose to be happy. Choose to improve yourself and you'll see that you've made a better choice already :)

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