Friday, October 24, 2008

I wanna go hoommeee...

Friday, 24 October 2008 @ 7.32pm

I've just whinged on facebook that it's Friday night and I'm still at the office and I'm going to whinge here too! It's my second last week at Trix and I've already packed and cleared my desk. I'd brought books to help me pass the time (when I'm not too busy disturbing designers or chit chatting with Ina) and I check my email and facebook account about 25 times a day now. And if you are a tiny part of the world that actually takes the time to read my blog, you'll notice that I'm writing more in my blog now.

Yes, I am THAT free. I thought I was though. Until I got stuck with training my replacement on how to organise, edit, and do the pagination of a newsletter. Sorry SuLyn. I'm not talking bad about you. It's just that BK has the tendency to come in when I'm about to go on leave, or it's the weekend, or that I'm actually about to leave Trix! They seem to be watching me and seeing that I might be a little free, have completed my other jobs and come and plonk this shit on me.

I enjoy doing BK. I really do. I get freedom to choose how many pages I want. What pictures I want to use and what the design of the page should look like. I also get to "direct" photo shoots where I get to turn some colleagues into models for a few hours. It's great fun. Just not when I'm planning to go start my weekend/holiday/leave/resignation!

Anyway, it's now 7.43pm. I'm still stuck here while SuLyn is working out the pagination. It's her first time so trust me, I'm gonna be here a while.

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