Wednesday, October 8, 2008


He listens to what I have to say.

He's thoughtful and kind.

He holds strong values and principles that rules his beliefs in life.

He is fiercely protective over his siblings.

He is fierecely protective over me.

He always finds a way to give me what I want.

He ALWAYS gives me what I want.

He manja me, but he doesn't spoil me till it's come to a point where I'm rude to him.

He follows me out of the car when I need to take money out at the ATM.

He loves children.

He opened his family to me.

His family has welcomed me in.

He holds my hand.

He always looks back to make sure I'm not too far behind.

He waits patiently when I go shopping.

He enjoys shopping too.

He holds me when I'm cold in the cinema.

He feeds me food he knows I've never tasted before.

He wipes my mouth when it's dirty.

He tucks my hair behind my ear.

He strokes my hair and kisses my head when we're in line somewhere.

He bought me an anklet when he broke mine. And bought me another one (with more bells) when that one broke too.

He allows me to vent my anger.

He doesn't let me drive.

He makes sure I'm safe when I drive home alone.

He doesn't allow me on his motorbike.

He always knows when I need a hug.

He makes an effort with my friends.

He's willing to go anywhere and do anything for me.

He says no.

He's teaching me things I never knew about my own religion.

He's teaching me Malay.

He's taking the effort to learn English.

He lets me do butterfly kisses on him :)

He lets me hit him on his arm when I'm angry...and he pretends it hurts :)

He loves me.

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Ms Martha Moore said...

this is extremely sweet....