Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Coincidence and a Call

Tuesday, 16 December 2008 @ 11.46pm

I started this entry whinging about how tired I am and how hard I'm working, which then lead me to say how my 'outside' life revolves around my working schedule. Then I got bored just writing it. I'm already working as we speak now and writing this entry was supposed to be me taking a breather. So why would I want to talk about work while I'm supposed to be taking a break from work?

A Lucky Coincidence

Yesterday, I received a phone call from this person called Hazel. She said she was from Prudential and wanted to sell me some insurance. I asked her how she got my name and number. She replied saying it's in their database. I figured it's one of two things - my sister once applied and almost got the job so she probably could've filled out my details. And two, my brother's girlfriend works there. Another mighty possibility that my details could've been given then.

During the first call, I was actually interested in buying some insurance - especially health. Eddie and I had been discussing getting some sort of couple insurace package thing for a few months now. But I told her to call me back in the afternoon to discuss details. In the afternoon, she called while I was in a meeting. So I told her to call me back.

It was near evening when she called again. This time, I knew I had to give her some sort of solid answer. She wanted to meet. I told her I'm packed during the day. When she said we could meet on weekends too, I told her I work on weekends too. She asked what I did. I said I teach at a place called Get Crafty in GE Mall. She was quiet for a short while, so I went on to explain the centre. Then she said, "there's one in OU too right?" I said, yeah! That's the one!

The coincidence? Her reply, "I'm S*** W**. I quit about a month ago." My reply? "Hey! I didn't know it's you! We've met a couple of times..." So Hazel turned out to be the teacher who came as a replacement once in a while from the other branch. We started to speak normally by then...no more business talk. But we did finally arrange for a meeting this Saturday. And since she was once a teacher too, I didn't have to explain to her the whole procedure of our break and blah blah blah.

Woohoo! We're finally getting insurance!

A Call

It was 8am and I was extremely blur. I'd set the alarm for 6.45am and placed the phone on the floor in the hopes that I would get up and unpack my stuff before having to go to work. Obviously, my body decided to get up an hour before I was due in to work.

There was an SMS from a unknown number that said, "I'm home." WTF? Usually, I'd reply, "who r u?" or completely ignore it. But for some reason, I decided I'd call and just hear the voice. If I didn't recognise it, I'd hang up. Well, I didn't recognise it.

As I was about to get out of my bed to shower, he called back! I thought, shit. They never call back. So I answered and nonchalantly said, "hello?" He immediately said, "you called?" I was thinking who the f*** re you? But instead said, "who is this?" his reply? "Your ex-boyfriend." Immediately I knew who it was. He was back for the holidays. A three-minute chat and we hung up.

I didn't feel a thing. Just, oh, ok. I always thought if I'd ever see or hear from him again it would stir up some sort of emotions. Instead, I just felt...nothing. When I told Eddie, he felt something though. That was enough to make my day :)


Ms Martha Moore said...

revenge is beautiful....

and to get an insurance package is a back up plan should something happen out of the action of revenge....


DO I know the teacher?

I take back that question...



Mr Wordless said...

an ex calling is not good...

despite for whatever reason...



2nd attempt

3rd attemp (what is wrong with me?!)

anna r said...

Ms Moore:

revenge is beautiful indeed. and an insurance plan is an incredibly smart idea, i think. and yes, you definitely know the teacher ;)

Mr Wordless: