Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The first time

Thursday, 4 December 2008 @ 10.25am

Why do Malaysian men think it's ok for them to call out, shout out and whistle at a woman as she walks by? Is it something built in their DNA to think that, hey, if I call her or say she's cute, then she's going to immediately jump into my arms. Dumbass.

I get no peace walking alone. There will always be the whistles, the cat calling, the looks... even by dirty old men who look like they could be my father!! Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck. Why? I have seen men who would actually turn to continue looking at you. There was one time I was driving on the highway on the way to Sunway and this guy on a motorbike who actually kept driving ahead but turned his head all the way just to continue looking and smiling that dirty smile. He kept doing it for so long that he didn't realise there was a bend ahead. I started shouting to myself in the car for him to turn before he crashes and dies. The idiot turned in time and managed to turn to avoid burning in hell. But he just laughed. Arrgggh!! Most - not all - men do not have the capacity to use their brains to think that women actually prefer those who don't pounce on you. Especially if their in groups.

People always ask me how I met Eddie. When I answer, "In his restaurant," there's always this misconception that he did exactly that - whistled at me, called me a name and I immediately jumped on him. I even got this comment - "so one day customer, next day girlfriend?" Hello?! I am going to take this time to actually clear all misconceptions that Eddie is like one of those idiots and that I'm stupid and desperate enough to fall for him immediately.

The first time I met him was at Michelangelo's. I was with Steph. We reached at about 8pm. Kabir was attending a wedding dinner at a hotel nearby. We chose to sit at the bar. There were two staff that night who paid extra attention to us - F***** and Eddie. I didn't really notice either one of them at first. We were just being friendly. Steph and I, being the giggly idiots when we meet each other, continued being the giggly idiots throughout the night. We only started noticing that F***** was coming onto me after a few hours. Eddie was friendly but kept his distance for a bit. I admit, after a couple of hours, there was an attraction. I won't lie.

Kabir joined us at about...11-ish I think. When he came, he sat next to me. I was in the middle of the two of them. At this point, you can tell that F***** and Eddie were trying to figure out who Kabir belonged to. It was hard to tell but they knew one of us was with Kabir. Oh, before I continue, because we were sitting at the bar, it was easy for us to joke around with Eddie when he was behind the bar. Yes, Eddie. We tried to ignore F***** as much as we could. He's a sleazy, greasy guy who is the ultimate definition of those idiots who whistle and cat call that I was describing earlier.

As the night grew on, they found out that Steph was with Kabir and I was basically the single third wheeler. By about 1.30am, F***** was trying hard to get me - that was pretty obvious. Eddie was still cool about it, but was still friendly. When F***** wasn't around and Eddie was behind the bar, we spoke a little bit. What work I do. Where I usually hang out, etc. One thing led to another, and I gave him my card.

At 3am that same night, Steph, Kabir and I had shifted to sit at the outside table. F***** was getting desperate. He then leaned on the table and said to me, "Anna, let's go out. One date. I think you're gorgeous and blah blah blah." I smiled and said, "No thanks. I'd rather go out with Eddie." His reply? "Fine. Go out with him one night and me one night. Let the best man win." My reply? "I'm not that kind of girl. No thanks."

And just to be clear and to once again clear the whole misconception that I know most people will have of Eddie probably trying that trick before and that I was stupid enough to fall for it...well, there's nothing much I can say. Continue saying what you'd like. Nothing I say or do will change your mind anyway. We only went out a week after that and that was in the company of about eight of my friends. Trying to woo me was a tough task for Eddie. Falling for him wasn't in the blink of an eye either. But I can tell you this. It's been almost a year. I trust him. I know him. I love him. If you still want to find fault with that, go ahead. It'll go in one ear, and out the other.

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Ms Martha Moore said...

Is the entry addressed to some people i know??

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love the entry.....

love you and eddie too.....